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Who We Are

Camp Caleb is a non-profit Christian Camp and Conference Center owned by Camp Caleb Christian Association and Conference Center, Inc., a Kentucky Corporation. Camp Caleb is facilitated by a board of trustees and advisors and has federal and state tax exempt status. Its purpose is to provide adequate facilities in which the Word of God may be brought to men, women, boys and girls and they may in turn be brought to Christ and grow in knowledge of Him. Camp Caleb is financially supported by donations from churches and individuals like you!

Our Mission

Our mission statement at Camp Caleb is the Bible Verse Luke 2:52

"...And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men."
- Luke 2:52 (NIV)

Although this may seem like a simple idea, it is the core of our work at Camp Caleb. From the meals we prepare to the games we play, it is all intended to facilitate the growth of EVERY guest while they are here in four ways: mental, physical, spiritual, and social.

A Brief History

Camp Caleb was founded in 1979 by Bro. James Cox, a businessman in Paintsville, KY. Bro. Cox had been earnestly seeking God's will for his life for some time. After being contacted by Dr. J.D. O'Donnell to assist with summer camp at Levi Jackson State Park, Bro. Cox immediately felt impressed by the Spirit of God.

On Wednesday of that camping week, many of the kids attending came to know Christ. It was at that moment that Bro. Cox realized that God was calling him into this camping ministry. When he left the business world, Bro. Cox committed himself to doing the will of God in a full-tim ministry, and this is when the ministry of Camp Caleb began. At that time, Bro. Cox was 47 years old, and more than 30 years later, his ministry is still going strong.

Camp Caleb's name was taken from Joshua 14:12 when Caleb says to Joshua, "Give me this mountain." Caleb was 85 years old when he did this.

Currently, the camp consists of 265 donated acres, and is governed by board members that God has blessed this ministry with. The camp would not exist if it were not for great men such as these, and donations and support from individuals and local churches.

Support Our Ministry

Our goal at camp caleb is to provide a safe and fun place where children and adults can grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. However, we know that we cannot make it unaffordable for people to come, especially in these difficult times. As a result, we keep our prices very low. In fact, our camp week and rental prices are not even enough to pay for the food and utilities we need to run the camp. Fortunately, God has blessed us with a loyal group of churches and individuals who give financially to keep our ministry going. Without your donations, we would not be able to touch the lives that we touch.

We now have a new and convenient way to donate to Camp Caleb! Please consider donating online SECURELY using PayPal. God Bless!

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